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  • About Rebecca Gerlach

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    My Mission

    I want to help you live your best life. I want to help you learn to trust yourself, listen to your inner voice and stop abandoning yourself for others! I believe addiction is a symptom of trauma, and that your feelings and experiences are valid.

    I began practicing in 2012 after completing my MSW at Wayne State University and am currently working toward my PhD in Clinical Social Work from the Institute for Clinical Social Work. I have additional training in trauma informed practices-and am a certified trauma practitioner, as well as a certified addiction counselor. I am also working toward a specialization in gender related services through WPATH. I specialize in working with adolescents and adults who are survivors of trauma looking to thrive today. I believe each individual or family should be treated with curiosity, compassion, and individual attention.

    My specialty areas include:  childhood trauma, anxiety, gender related issues, addictions and adult survivors of childhood trauma.

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    My Values


    Your sessions are completely confidential. If we need to collaborate with another provider to get you the best care we can do that-but we won't ever share information you aren't comfortable with. I use a HIPAA compliant video platform and health record to keep your information, and sessions safe and secure.


    Let's build compassion for you! Do you have a harsh internal voice, or critique everything you do? Let's develop ways to manage your inner asshole! (Interested in learning more about what an inner asshole is? Read Jennifer Pastiloff's "On Being Human".)

    Caring about yourself, and learning to trust yourself are key to long term healing and recovery.


    We will work in an individualized manner to develop the best care plan for you. We will work together and embrace creativity, challenge, and learn more about who you are and who you want to become.


    Do you struggle to accept yourself as you are? Do you struggle to accept things that have happened in your life? I am here and ready to help! We will work together to embrace and practice acceptance-leading to feeling better!

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